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Free services for setting up and managing courses and assignments.

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eMath's Free Support Services for Instructors

We hope you are safe and well. As you and your colleagues are facing unprecedented challenges to balance the needs of teaching and safety, eMath's excellent support services will help you get ready easily for a new course, either totally online or taking a hybrid approach:

  1. Unlimited question bank: Our content team will make any questions in the textbook online for your assignments with detailed solutions and algorithmic parameters. We can do the same for your own questions.

  2. Assignments on us: Give us lists of question numbers from the textbook for homework and assessments, we will set up all assignments for you accordingly.

  3. You are in control: We will help you to set up assignment attributes so that they are delivered and graded according to your preference.

  4. We will be beside You: Our staff has extensive teaching experiences. They will help you and your students to take full advantage of the eMath intelligent online platform.

  5. Cruising forward: Every semester, our staff will copy and set up new classes for you. We will work with you to improve the course according to your needs.

The eMath team will minimize your burden to adopt a new system. You only need to focus on what and how you want to teach and how you want to support your students.

Highlights of eMath Benefits

Here are a few of the many positive impacts that eMath provides:

  1. Flexible and robust: eMath has been used successfully in traditional classes, completely online classes, emporium models, and other hybrid models. (See resources and settings >>>.)

  2. Student-centered and effective: With unique assignment specific intelligent learning tools that facilitate effective learning and remediation, eMath has helped tens of thousands of students improve 1-2 grade levels(benchmarked with other widely adopted LMS).

  3. Improved course passing rate Improve course passing rate by 10+ basis points for entry-level and gateway math courses

  4. Quality textbook and intelligent content: eMath supports OpenStax's textbooks that are peer-reviewed by hundreds of professors. Such contents are at students' fingertips when they are studying for or taking an assignment.

  5. Significant cost savings for students: $35 per course for a whole year for students, which includes both the adaptive learning courseware with real-time personalized help and digital textbooks from OpenStax.

  6. Great customer services for instructors and students: We always encourage students to contact our support team first for any system or content-related questions or issues before going to instructors. Our customer support team always responds to students' inquiries and issues timely. It has greatly minimized instructors' burden and student concerns over any potential system and content issues.

For more information, select a time that works best for you for an online session with eMath staff.

Contact us: [email protected]