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An Openstax Ally

OpenStax Textbooks

OpenStax textbooks are available on eMath with a large algorithmic question bank. Instructors can easily create paced lesson guides and assignments for class preps and reviews.

Click cover images below for available instructional resources and algorithmic questions for each book.

Prebuild Courses and Assignments

There are prebuilt courses with assignments shared from adopted colleges and schools for each textbook. You can easily create new courses or modify existing ones for your own classes. eMath staff will be glad to assist you to set up your classes and assignments each semester.

     Request an instructor account with sample courses.

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Algorithmic Question Bank and Instructional Resources

eMath has a large set of algorithmic questions and instructional resources available for OpenStax textbooks. You can always request more questions to be available or your own questions to be made into algorithmic.

Curriculum Development and Instructional Design Support

eMath staffs are experts in online learning and content development. eMath's content team will assist institutions to develop customized learning content, assessment items, and learning activities. eMath's support team also helps instructors to manage their courses and assignments every semester.

For more information: [email protected]