Student Testimonies
Destinee Harris
“Ever since elementary school I have struggled with Mathematics. Numerous tutoring sessions, after school labs, and one on one time with the teachers always left me in the same position that I started in. The problem followed me all the way to college. The Finite instructor at Ivy Tech Community college introduced the class to e Math and advised that we should use it as a tool in addition to the lecture. Considering my history with math I was more than a bit skeptical. On the first exam I received a C with the assistance of e Math. I know that it wasn't the best score but considering the circumstances, I was satisfied. Keeping up with my home work and completing my eMath consistently led me to travel upward in grades. I went from C's to B's and excitingly an A. The A was on the last exam before the final. I know that while I have eMath to aid me in preparation that success cannot be too far behind. E Math breaks down the steps, constructs personalized study guides, and allows the student to move at their own pace. I am thankful to my instructor for allowing the class to use this great tool. Hopefully, all who have a math course, will have a teacher who recommends this because eMath helped me.”
Allan Huang
“I recommend eMath to all students because not only is it a great resource for your math courses, but it also helps you to improve your grades and keep the mathematical concepts clear in your mind; emath helped me in this way and I hope it will do the same for you.”
Casey Fowler
“Emath helps me to learn things that I did not quite concept in class. Emath helps me to walk through how to do each kind of problem and covers each detail in great aspect.”
David Gruber
“Emath study guide, practice and pre test has improved my grade from a "B" to an "A" which is noteworthy because it is harder to go from above average to excellent than it is to go from failing to passing.”
Irine Karani
“In case I take another math class, I would like to use eMath again. Thanks for introducing eMath.”
Robin Stockdale
“I found this to be a great tool for a focused study of my weak areas. Not only did it identify my weak areas for me, it also allowed for better time management, which is critical to student success.”
Karen Bullard
“eMath helped me very much with this course. There were numerous times that a topic wasn't clear to me after leaving the class and once I reviewed it on eMath it made sense. I know others in the class experienced this too.”
Yu Zhu
“I have to thank that people who invested eMath, it is a great technique for students.”
Stela Nini
“I learn better than the classroom!”
David Aguilera
“It gave me an idea on what I needed to work on. So it was very helpful.”
Robin Stockdale
“Thank you for offering this valuable application. Right now, I am on track to receive a strong B grade for the course. If I do well on the final test, I have the potential to raise my grade to an A. I firmly believe that without eMath, I would probably have a C grade. Thank you!”
Kanisha Perry
“I found them to be very helpful along with the study guides. It gave me extra practice and related to what was going to be on the test.”
Jeremiah Burcher
“eMath have assisted me with my "real-world" test scores...”