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eMath is a next generation intelligent courseware that has helped tens of thousand students learn faster and achieve better outcomes over the last 4-years, while offering institutions effective tools for retention improvement.  Customers benefit from eMath in two ways: eMath Courseware – Ready to use and completely customizable full-content adaptive learning math courses; Celerity Platform – "open" content authoring and delivery platform helping institutions design and implement their own adaptive learning programs. It supports both instructor-led differentiated teaching and student self-paced personalized learning, and has been used in traditional, blended, and purely online course delivery settings.

eMath was created by a team of veteran educators, LMS and adaptive learning technologists based near Indianapolis Indiana. It was designed with three end goals in mind: [1] Help each student learn most effectively in everyday study by providing task-specific, outcome-driven, and need-based personalized content and help in real-time; [2] Support and augment instructors by allowing complete controls, if desired, over the course structure, learning objectives, learning content, activities, and assessments; [3] Maximize technology flexibility and efficiency to make institution-specific adaptive learning programs effective and economical.
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Company Vision: Building the most teacher, student, and outcome centric learning technology company.

Company Mission: Enable students to master any subject they want to so they can be the best they can and pursue their dreams.

    "Open" Platform

    "Open" Intelligent Content Authoring & Delivering Platform
    eMath’s highly efficient and configurable adaptive learning platform transforms any educational content, including open-source content, into institution-specific adaptive learning programs.

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