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An Openstax Ally

Instructional Resources and Algorithmic Questions

for OpenStax Textbooks

Instructional Resouces

eMath is a full featured courseware and homework system. Various instructional materials such as lecture notes PPT, instructional videos, solution manuals, and solution guides are availabie in the system and can be made available to instructors and students. eMath staff can assist you setting up courses and assignments.

Algorithmic Questions

eMath has a large set of algorithmic questions mapped to OpenStax textbooks. You can always request more questions to be linked to the textbook or ask us to create new algorithmic questions for you for free.

Click book images below to view available instructional resources and algorithmic questions for each book.

Additional Questions

eMath has a large algorithmic question bank with over 30,000 questions. These questions can be used by any textbook in eMath. The above list only shows questions currently linked to a specific textbook. More questions can be linked to a textbook easily at any time.

Customize Questions for Your Program

eMath can modify questions according to your requirements. We will make sure that the terminologies, the solutions, and the question types are consistent with your teaching and curriculum requirements.

New Algorithmic Questions

You can always request more questions for a textbook. We will either link existing questions to the book you use or create new algorithmic questions for you for free.

eMath Assignment Settings

The following are available controls for assignments.

Access Permissions
Start & End TimeCan be set based on the class schedule. It can be set as recommended or enforced. If enforced, students can only open the assignment during the allowed time window.
End Time OptionsIf set as the due time, a student must complete the assignment before the end time or be auto-submitted by the system.
DependencyWhen set, students can open an assignment only if met the minimum scores of selected assignments.
Allowed time for each attemptCan be unlimited or a specific duration. If a student used up the allowed time, the system will force a submission when the assignment is open by the student.
Number of repetitions allowedUnlimited or 1-5 times.
Allow printingIf enabled, students to print out the assignment to work offline and return to enter their results.
PasswordInstructors can set passwords for special assignments such as quizzes and online tests. An assignment can have multiple passwords for different time windows.
Grace period and discount after the due timeInstructor can allow students to take an assignment past the due time with discounted scores.
Accept UploadsIf turned on, students must upload required documents to see grades.
Restricted IPIf turned on, students can only open the assignments with allowed IP addresses.
Grade Policy
Grading methodThe default is to allow the system to automatically grade student submissions. You may also choose to manually grade each question.
When to show solutions and answersFor practices, homework, and quizzes, mostly show solutions and answers immediately after submission. For online tests, it is often set to show after the end time.
CountedYes for most assignments. If set as not counted, the assignment will be excluded from grade calculations.
Overwrite ScoreBy default assignments are scored in %. Instructors can let the system automatically convert the score to a specific point score automatically, proportional to the % or directly to a fixed number.
ThresholdDefault as None. Can set a minimum score in % as a requirement.
Improve knowledge mastery before retaking the assignmentIf enabled, students must review and practice related concepts to achieve required mastery status before retaking the assignment again.
Review & practice before taking an assignment
Show Question GuideIf turned on, students can review and practice similar questions before taking the assignment. Students can easily review relevant ebook content as objectives and prerequisites of each question.
Show Knowledge GuideIf turned on, the system generates a mini-ebook based on questions in the assignment.
Show Concept Review before the first submissionIf turned on, students can review and practice assignment related concepts and skills.
Learning helps when inside an online assignment
Show Knowledge PointsShow student linked ebook content of objective and prerequisite knowledge of every question.
Show HintShow student question hint.
Show SolutionInstructors can always see solutions. If turned on, students can review solutions to every question too.
Show Sample questionIf turned on, students can study sample questions when taking the assignment.
Allowed number retries of a version of a questionWhen the value is >1, students can check and retry a version of a question multiple times.
Allowed number of versions of an algorithmic questionStudents may be allowed to take more than one version of the same algorithmic question.
Post-Submission Remedial Options
Show Concept ReviewStudents can review and practice assignment specific concepts and skills.
Concept Review CountedProgress will be added to the assignment score.
Work on WeaknessAllow students to retake missed questions and weak prerequisites.
Work on Weakness countedProgress will be added to the assignment score.

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