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eMath Student Testimonials

eMath has been used by tens of thousands of students and received very positive feedback.

Aqsa Anwar

Emath is a great tool in helping struggling students in their math classes. For instance, this semester has been pretty tough on me and so i haven't had enough time to study for my math class. So I get onto Emath and within the hour i have a good grasp of most of the major concepts. Not only does it help alleviate my test anxiety, it also is a great preparation tool. I have been able to get an A in my math course where i may have only gotten a B or a C prior to Emath. I would recommend it to any student, whether you have a good grasp of the concepts or not. It will take you step by step and it’s very easy to fit into my busy lifestyle. I just do a problem here and there and pretty soon I am done. Why not get better grades if you can? Thanks Emath!

Jesse VanBlaricum

eMath is awesome, I would have done very poor in the class without EMATH ! Really liked this tool. eMath needs to be required in ALL math courses period!! This helped me out so much, and I hope I can use this program in Calculus.

Jodee Bowles

Thank you so much! eMath has taken my grade from B's or C's to A's. It's the best program I've had (and this is my 5th math class!!!!). Thank you guys for preparing me for every test so that I can make A's in math, even though I'm not a math person. :)

Destinee Harris

“Ever since elementary school I have struggled with Mathematics. Numerous tutoring sessions, after school labs, and one on one time with the teachers always left me in the same position that I started in. The problem followed me all the way to college. The Finite instructor at Ivy Tech Community college introduced the class to e Math and advised that we should use it as a tool in addition to the lecture. Considering my history with math I was more than a bit skeptical. On the first exam I received a C with the assistance of e Math. I know that it wasn't the best score but considering the circumstances, I was satisfied. Keeping up with my home work and completing my eMath consistently led me to travel upward in grades. I went from C's to B's and excitingly an A. The A was on the last exam before the final. I know that while I have eMath to aid me in preparation that success cannot be too far behind. E Math breaks down the steps, constructs personalized study guides, and allows the student to move at their own pace. I am thankful to my instructor for allowing the class to use this great tool. Hopefully, all who have a math course, will have a teacher who recommends this because eMath helped me.”

Christopher Fruits

eMath shows what I've learned in my classes, then shows me areas of improvement. If I feel I need more help with something, it has questions that I can go through with step by step instructions and answers. If I want to try something on my own, it has areas where I can take practice tests, where I can further test what I've learned. There are even ways for me to print out questions to take on the go if I can't be at the computer… and even after I've taken a test, it further sets aside areas of improvement that I could further work on for review. This is a wonderful educational tool, and I would hope that schools and instructors everywhere take the chance to look into this tool so that their students can take advantage of it.

Dawn Vaught

This is the first math class I've taken in years and eMath has saved my career path!!! I have used the pretest and study guide for each chapter and currently have a B after only scoring a 51 on the first test before I learned about eMath!! Take my word for it...there's no better way to learn than to study the eMath guides before your test. To have this helpful guide to go to means I will not have to hire tutors and attend the offsite learning labs. It saves me time and money!

Daniel Collins

emath helps me realize the progress I have made in understanding Algebra. eMath study guides give me immediate feedback on my answers to the problems so I can make corrections in my thinking and move on to the next task with the confidence. I have other online class help that is not as user friendly. By the time I get to the chapter tests - I am ready (and I have done very well!) and that is the best help of all.

Manpreet Kaur

This program is way much different than hawks program and my math lab. If I compare them I liked eMath better. I hope that all of the math classes use this program for online homework. This program is not confusing compare to the other programs which I used in past. It is so much easy and simple program to work with. It saves me so much time.

Erika Sovacool

Because of Emath I have received an A on all of my math tests. I honestly believe that Emath is responsible for my high grades because it has helped me understand different math concepts. Therefore, I genuinely hope that the rest of my math courses use Emath. I am almost afraid to take a math course without Emath now. With that being said, I recommend Emath to all students who can access the program because it is extremely beneficial in earning high math grades and understanding the material. I know that math is often the biggest subject that people struggle with. Face the obvious; some people are math wizards while others are not. However, Emath helps anyone who is willing to give it time receive amazing results.

Christopher Craft

I started out this semester not really using eMath that much. My first two math exams were not very good at all. I knew that I had to do something. I decided to look around the eMath website and explore some of things it has to offer. I was able to get a lot of practice and feedback. EMath helped me study and learn the course work to pass my class. My favorite things about eMath are the graphs and the feedback that you receive. Like most people, there are some things in math that you understand right away and some things that take a little more practice and teaching to get. I recommend eMath because of the way it teaches you. Without eMath I would not have passed my class.

Nicholas Pantazis

I have always struggled with studying for math exams. How do you study without problems to work on? The answer is you can't, and eMath is the perfect solution to that. With new problems every time you take a practice exam, eMath has helped prepare me for all my exams this semester, and I've done extremely well on all of them. I highly recommend eMath as the best study tool for Math students available.

Billie King

I wish all my math classes used eMath because I honestly learn more from eMath than I do from physically sitting in Algebra class. I'm a visual learner, and eMath's practice tests, pre-tests and post tests make it virtually impossible to not be able to visualize every single problem covered on every test. In practice, it walks you through each and every step of the problem, then it even gives you the option to see more problems like it. I can't imagine learning and mastering Algebra the way I have without having eMath to thank for it!

Rachel Young

My favorite things about eMath are the graphs that show you how well you are doing in your class subjects. Then it gives you study guides to practice with that you are able to print out and recommends what sections you should go back over and study. eMath helps me understand where I need to practice more and gives me materials to do so. Also, when I do not know how to do a problem eMath walks me through how to do them. Then I have the option to try and re-do the types of questions missed to make sure I know how to do them.

Ryan Ward

It shows you steps to solve the problem. You can take notes on the parts that you are having problems with and even after taking tests it shows you the parts you are not doing well in so you can go back to see what you missed… Almost like you don't even need a text book... Another part I like is that you can do the pretests over and it'll give you new questions to do; gives you plenty of practice.

Eddouard Kalaba

eMath is easy to do and allows me to be ready whenever. I remember one day my wife came to wake me up around 5:00 AM and asked me to finish my eMath. When I told her that this day I had no practice on eMath she was upset because for her all of my courses should have eMath practice. I had obliged to do something, restart some practice on eMath to keep a good day for her.

Allan Huang

“I recommend eMath to all students because not only is it a great resource for your math courses, but it also helps you to improve your grades and keep the mathematical concepts clear in your mind; emath helped me in this way and I hope it will do the same for you.”

Casey Fowler

“Emath helps me to learn things that I did not quite concept in class. Emath helps me to walk through how to do each kind of problem and covers each detail in great aspect.”

David Gruber

“Emath study guide, practice and pre test has improved my grade from a "B" to an "A" which is noteworthy because it is harder to go from above average to excellent than it is to go from failing to passing.”

Irine Karani

“In case I take another math class, I would like to use eMath again. Thanks for introducing eMath.”

Robin Stockdale

“I found this to be a great tool for a focused study of my weak areas. Not only did it identify my weak areas for me, it also allowed for better time management, which is critical to student success.”

Karen Bullard

“eMath helped me very much with this course. There were numerous times that a topic wasn't clear to me after leaving the class and once I reviewed it on eMath it made sense. I know others in the class experienced this too.”

Yu Zhu

“I have to thank that people who invested eMath, it is a great technique for students.”

Stela Nini

“I learn better than the classroom!”

David Aguilera

“It gave me an idea on what I needed to work on. So it was very helpful.”

Robin Stockdale

“Thank you for offering this valuable application. Right now, I am on track to receive a strong B grade for the course. If I do well on the final test, I have the potential to raise my grade to an A. I firmly believe that without eMath, I would probably have a C grade. Thank you!”

Kanisha Perry

“I found them to be very helpful along with the study guides. It gave me extra practice and related to what was going to be on the test.”

Jeremiah Burcher

“eMath have assisted me with my "real-world" test scores...”

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